Random // March 25, 2021: I hope that when love slaps my face again, I wake up and see it.

(wistful) M.

Fresh read to go with your coffee:

Coping, Bracing, Figuring

I’m feeling the call to write, and I’m not even clear on what the topic is or should be. All I know is that I have an urge to express, faster than my fingers can write on paper. That’s why I’m here today. Lately, I’ve been..feeling a lot of feelings. And I now realise, there’s…

#SouvenirStorytime 3/28: Breeze Away to Carmel-by-the-Sea

Flashback to memories made in Monterey, California, USA (April / July 2016) This has to be one of my favourite magnets from the collection. Smooth, but pleasantly textured. Imperfect art that paints a compelling picture. The sky is a whimsical dusty-pink despite the sun being high up; it’s my kind of remembrance for this place…

#SouvenirStorytime 2/28: New York City Love

An ode to the City of Dreams – New York City, USA (Dates unknown / Multiple) I cannot remember exactly when I bought this. I have made several visits to this bustling mad city. I’ve never not been taken by it. In fact, the first time I visited at nineteen – I was the wide-eyed…

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