A genuinely candid, didn’t-know-camera-was-on selfie that captured my spirit perfectly

Current location: Mumbai, India

Hello! * waves *

I’m a regular girl, constantly coming-of-age (whatever that phrase means, I never really understood it anyway). I’m older than you think I am (I hope that will forever be the case). Indian, by birth, background and passport – but my heart longs to be from everywhere. And so, I’ve lived in midwestern America, Silicon Valley, busy busy London, and temporarily in northern Portugal. I’m back home in India for now, but – who knows where to next?

I left my job and the hamster wheel of my life in March 2020 to take a break. Why? To focus on the questions that had been gnawing away at my mind through my twenties (oops, gave that away). It doesn’t look like they’re going away, so figured no time like now to give them their (over)due attention.

Why am I blogging instead of keeping this in a journal?

Who said I don’t also journal? When I was contemplating taking a sabbatical, I looked to The Internet for support. It was a big step, scary decision (or so it seemed) – and I wanted to borrow courage from those who had done it before me. Although I found several experiences of those who taken this step, they were usually presented with the benefit of hindsight. I did not find an in-progress narrative, with all its messiness. So now that I’ve taken the plunge, I decided to share mine along the way. Maybe it helps someone else like 2019 Me.

At the very least – I hope it helps someone else see that they’re not alone in their very human, messy experience of this wonderful, crazy world. Follow along if you want to be mildly entertained, you might get voyeuristic pleasure out of this one.



P.S. : I can be morbid, I can be funny, I may even be insightful – but most of all, I promise to be me.